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GMF's mission is to create and develop its own events that address strategic topics with high growth potential in the country.

These projects have the support of the main players in the sector, and aim to provide a unique moment for the sector, where everyone can enjoy content, networking and inspiration for expressive growth and new business. 

GMF brought together a team with experience in organizing fairs in various sectors of the economy.  Together with our partners, we seek to create differentiated, objective and uncomplicated events, offering customers an excellent cost-benefit ratio and high financial efficiency.

In the case of new events, they can even be created four-handed in partnership with the main media, class entities or entrepreneurs in the sector.

Do you dream of launching your own event?



Does your company or class entity have the problem of “lack of arms” to organize and deliver your event with the level of excellence that your customers expect?

You can outsource all or any part of the process to GMF!

We have over 50 years of experience at your disposal in sales, international sales, marketing, operations, customer service, finance and administration.

We have excellent relationships with the best event suppliers in Brazil and we will manage to quickly organize your event to improve its profitability and efficiency, as well as to make all your customers and partners even more satisfied with the service and experience.

Want to take your event to the next level?



Does your company want to leave the planning and coordination of participation in a fair in the hands of someone who loves, breathes and understands trade fairs?

The GMF team is available to do all the planning and organization for your company's participation in a fair, from negotiating the space (m2) with the organizer to delivering the final report, which will include a breakdown of the ROO (Return on Objectives) and ROI (Return on Investment) of participation.

With the planning and organization of the GMF team, we will achieve expressive results for the various strategic objectives of your company.  


Do you want to know more about how GMF can further increase the results for your company in the main events of the sector?

Contact us!


GMF's commercial team has extensive experience in international sales to the trade fair sector, and we have already organized international pavilions at fairs in several sectors.

We are available to talk about "inbound" or "outbound" sales projects, that is, we can help increase the result of your event, whether with the marketing and organization of a new "Made in Brazil" pavilion at an event abroad , that is, with a new international pavilion at an event in Brazil.

Want more international m2?

Let's talk!



The experience of participating in a well-organized Business Mission can be very rich and has the power to generate the best networking and knowledge acquisition opportunities.

GMF organizes Business Missions so that Brazilians can visit the most distinguished business fairs in the world, with exclusive benefits and experiences.

Do you want to know more about the differentials of GMF's work with a Business Mission?

Contact us now!



Whether it's a different tasting experience, a multisensory experience, a workshop with content or another idea, your company can trust the GMF team to organize and deliver a unique moment, with excellence.

The GMF team has extensive experience in creating, promoting and organizing different types of events, with the aim of building customer loyalty, as well as events to prospect new business.

The relationship with your customers can be strengthened with a differentiated event, with a rich and unique moment.

Talk to us to start this conversation!


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